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Celebrities often make the most of their travels to beach resorts in Jamaica by indulging in luxurious amenities and activities. They often stay in high-end resorts with private villas or suites, complete with stunning views of the beach and ocean. These resorts often offer exclusive services such as private butlers, personal chefs, and private transportation, allowing celebrities to enjoy their stay in complete privacy and comfort.

In addition to enjoying the beach, celebrities often take advantage of the many activities and attractions Jamaica has to offer. This can include going on guided tours of the island, participating in water sports, such as snorkeling and scuba diving, or experiencing the local cuisine and culture either in class or off the beaten path.

Many celebrities also use their travels to Jamaica as an opportunity to give back to the local community. They may participate in volunteer work, donate to local charities, or support local businesses. This not only allows them to make a positive impact but also gives them a chance to connect with the local people and culture on a deeper level.

There have been several recent visits by celebrities to Jamaica, where they enjoyed the island’s beautiful beaches and cultural offerings. Here are a few examples:


Beyoncé and Jay-Z:

In 2020, Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in Jamaica. They reportedly stayed at the luxurious Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Montego Bay and enjoyed the resort’s private beach and pool. They also went on a private tour of the island, visiting popular attractions such as the Bob Marley Museum and the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios.


Harry Styles:

In 2021, Harry Styles was spotted in Jamaica, where he was reportedly filming a music video for his hit song “Treat People With Kindness.” While in Jamaica, he stayed at the luxurious Golden Eye Resort in Oracabessa, which is known for its private villas and celebrity clientele. Styles was seen enjoying the resort’s private beach and participating in water sports such as paddleboarding.


Bella Hadid:

In 2019, Bella Hadid visited Jamaica with a group of friends. They stayed at the luxe Round Hill Hotel and Villas and enjoyed the resort’s private beach and pool. Hadid also went on a private boat tour of the island and visited the famous Rick’s Cafe in Negril, where she went cliff jumping.



Rihanna, who is originally from Barbados, is no stranger to the Caribbean. In 2020, she visited Jamaica to celebrate her 32nd birthday. She stayed at the luxe Trident Hotel in Port Antonio, where she reportedly enjoyed a private beach, infinity pool, and outdoor shower. She also shared photos of herself on Instagram enjoying Jamaican cuisine, such as jerk chicken and plantains.


Michael B. Jordan:

In 2019, actor Michael B. Jordan visited Jamaica to film scenes for the movie “Without Remorse.” While on the island, he stayed at the Moon Palace Jamaica resort in Ocho Rios, where he enjoyed the resort’s private beach and pool. He also shared photos of himself on Instagram enjoying Jamaican food and culture, such as eating at a local restaurant and posing with a Jamaican flag.


Serena Williams:

Tennis superstar Serena Williams visited Jamaica in 2019 for a charity event called the “Love and Care for Kids Golf Tournament.” While on the island, she stayed at the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort in Montego Bay, where she participated in a tennis clinic and met with local children. She also shared photos on Instagram of herself enjoying the resort’s beach and pool.


These celebrities, like many others, were drawn to Jamaica’s natural beauty, warm climate, and vibrant culture. Whether they were there for work or play, they all found ways to enjoy the best of what the island has to offer.


In conclusion, Jamaica has long been a popular destination for celebrities seeking a tropical escape. From luxurious resorts to beautiful beaches, rich culture, and delicious cuisine, the island offers something for everyone. 

Whether they’re there for work or pleasure, celebrities seem to make the most of their travels to Jamaica, indulging in the island’s luxury amenities, participating in activities such as water sports, and even giving back to the local community through volunteer work and donations. With its stunning scenery, warm climate, and friendly people, it’s no wonder that Jamaica continues to attract the rich and famous.

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