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One of the most rewarding experiences happened tonight. I say “one of the most,” because I think the most rewarding experience so far in this journey is my father in proud smiles when he came to Jamaica this year. He saw the work that had been done to the hotel that I bought three and a half years ago and managed through Covid.



The transformation of a dream and vision. Creating something beautiful where people want to come and chill, adventure, relax, listen to the ocean, listen to reggae music, eat good food, and experience the beauty that Jamaica has to offer with a true love of this Country. 


Mark Irie Singer and Swallow, Garfield Williamson, singing Reggae


I fell in love with the island so much so that 16 years later I decided to buy property here and build a small boutique resort, Blue Skies Beach Resort (nestled right in the middle of 7-Mile Beach in Negril, one of the world-famous beaches), so that I can share my love of the island, its culture, its food, and its rich heritage with people around the world.


Mariposa Hideaway, May 2019


Yes, living here is an adjustment. It is a slow-down. It is exactly what I wanted, which was to make people happy, to bring people joy, and to share my love of the island and its culture.

So back to “one” of the other rewarding experiences, one that happened tonight while I was sitting in the restaurant. Two ladies came into the restaurant and had drinks and dinner. One of the ladies walked up to me and asked if I knew anything about this place. I, of course, said “yes, I think so.” She mentioned that she used to stay here all the time when it was Mariposa before (and maybe as it was going) down-hill. I offered her a tour. Both ladies were just raving about how beautiful the property is, how nice the rooms were, and how good the food was. Sharing my vision of the property and the changes was really special, and one of the ladies could see the changes because she had experienced at least the rooms when it was Mariposa. It really just warmed my heart.

I gave three tours tonight, all made by cheeks hurt from smiling. Peggy, who had been coming for over 30 years, remembered Mariposa and how you would walk in from the beach. She was simply in awe of the transformation.


Blue Skies Beach Resort 2022


As I gave Peggy the tour, I told her about Dennis and Georgia. Dennis and Georgia had been coming to Jamaica for over 30 years, and almost all of those they spent at Mariposa. Dennis called me wanting to rent a room after I bought the property. He mentioned that they always stayed in the room by the restaurant on the first floor. I remember the first expression on Georgia’s face, WOW! She was so blown away of the transformation. Both Dennis and Georgia have been coming almost every year (except for during Covid) and will always have a home at Blue Skies. They warm my heart every time they stay with us.

The dream is coming true. Hard work, dedication, and love have overcome many challenges the last three and a half years.

I am truly blessed, and it warms my heart for people to really love the food and enjoy the rooms and experience the service and what I have tried to create and continue to strive to create.

One Love! And Blue Skies!


Blue Skies Beach Resort

Experience Blue Skies Beach Resort, the new beach front adventure resort on Negril’s famous 7-mile white sand beach.